Thursday, December 25, 2014

A Christmas Poem by Thomas Aldrich Barrett

A Christmas gift left by Thomas Aldrich Barrett, my great-grandfather.  Thomas left several poems and writings that Les and I are trying to preserve and share with the family.

The Velvet Curtain

by Thomas A. Barrett (Dec. 1913)

© 2014 by William C. Barrett and Lester Arquette

Thomas Aldrich Barrett

The Velvet curtains parted
In the night ere Galilee
And a tiny wisp of stardust
Drifted downward toward the sea.

To the little town of Nazareth
From the brilliant throne of God,
Like a ray of shining silver
Sent to light the sacred sod.

Two loving hearts beheld the wonder
Saw the miracle of joy,
Blessed Mary patient Joseph
Waited for their baby boy.

Then something soft and small and downy
A bit of fluff so pink and warm,
Sent from out the light of heaven
Caught upon a loving arm.

And the tender Virgin Mother,
Clasped the treasure to her breast.
Greater than the Saints of glory,
Queen of angels, thou art blest.

Now, there's a Christmas star still shining,
Shining true and clear and bright.
That man may see the way to heaven,
Whence Jesus came that blessed night.

© 2014 William C. Barrett

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